Sabtu, 22 September 2012

My Yummy Ice Cream

Hmm ... this time I'm posting about my project ... one of which is the ice cream ... yummy yeeaaa ....

My yummy ice cream

The ice cream is not the usual ice cream ... it is guaranteed to be preserved up to seven generations :-D , will not run or melt, but still look yummyyy ... but wait ... it must be remembered ... the ice cream is not to be eaten, meaning it is only used as a display, as a keychain, phonestrap or fridge magnet.... hihihi

well here it is ..... the yummy ice cream which consists of chocolate, strawberry, pandan, durian, vanilla, orange .... and many other flavors ...  

And not only that, it could be given a cute topping, to look more sweet .....


Besides suitable for souvenirs, it can be also made into a plushie ... no less interesting is not it ??

Do not believe?? Now this the giant ice cream .....

Giant ice cream

Giant ice cream



You can also add the initials in the ice cream....


Me and my yummy ice cream
Just for those of you who will order ... just visit my facebook or you can contact me by sms.
O yea the ice cream is made from felt, printed felt and dacron... and 100% handmade ... cause we love handmade ....


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